Adobe Expired or Updated Licensing

This FAQ was last modified on: Thursday, December 6, 2018 07:42am

​Below you will find instructions on how to correct an Expired or Updated License key for Adobe.  

In general, if you are using Adobe 2018, you should follow the Expired instructions. If you are in 2019, you should follow the Updated instructions. To check which version you are using, see your Add/remove programs and reference the version against

Expired Licenses Instructions or Updated Licenses Instructions


Expired Licenses

This can be solved by reapplying the existing licenses.

Push Update via SCCM

  1. Option 1: Redeploy the package that updates the license and you are done until 20200229.
    • This is a required package and deployed all Windows machines with Adobe Acrobat DC installed.
    • The package is located here at Software Library -> Packages -> Campus -> _Adobe License
  2. Option 2: Remove and Reinstall:
    • Remove Adobe via the Software Center. Reboot the machine.
    • Reinstall Adobe from Software Center.
    • This will only work if Adobe products have previously been deployed as available to your machines.

Push Update via Jamf

  1. Delete the Licensing and Log data:
    • Mac OS
    • User Library folder, go to Application Support -> Adobe and delete the OOBE folder.
    • To open the User Library folder: in the Finder, choose the Go menu, press the Option key, and click the Library folder that is listed under your home folder.
    • Macintosh HD > Library folder. Application Support -> Adobe and delete the OOBE folder and the SLCache folder.

Manually Re-Apply LIcensee

  1. Download the zip file from for Windows/Mac (the Adobe License File package)
  2. Run RemoveVolumeSerial.exe on Windows or the RemoveVolumeSerial binary for MacOS.
  3. Run AdobeSerialization.exe on Windows or the AdobeSerialization binary for MacOS.
  4. Use the AdobeExpiryCheck tool from the link above to verify the new expiration date.

Updated Licenses

  1. Remove Adobe 2019. Instructions can be found here:
  2. Create a new package via Adobe Admin Console for the 2018 versions using the Creative Cloud Packager.
    • Log into the admin console (
    • Go to Packages then Tools
    • Download the Creative Cloud Packager for Windows/Mac
    • Install and run the Creative Cloud Packager. You'll first be asked to login, then choose Create Package.
    • Select the License type as Serial Number License
    • Use the serial provided with the Adobe Licenses File on Software
    • Select the products that you want and click Build. This list will be filtered for the 2018 versions of the products.