Access SSH Using Keys

This FAQ was last modified on: Thursday, October 18, 2018 09:15am

You may allow customers to use keys to log in to an ssh session on your hosted site

  1. Log in to your plesk panel
  2. Navigate to the File Manager
    1. ​From the Home Directory
      1. ​Select New>Create Directory
      2. Name the Directory .ssh
      3. Save the Directory
      4. Select the directory and Change Permissions to Read only for Group and Others
      5. Save your changes
    2. ​From your .ssh directory
      1. ​​Select New>Create File
      2. Name the new file authorized_keys
      3. Save the file
      4. Open the file and past the customer(s') public key(s) into the file.
      5. Save the file
    3. Note: once you have saved this file the first time Plesk may say it is an unknown file type and not allow you to edit it in the GUI. You can always rename it to authorized_keys.txt - edit it - then rename it to authorized_keys after the edits are saved. You may also edit it, and even do all of the work above from an ssh session.
    4. Once the public key(s) are in place the customers may ssh to the server using their private key with putty or any other software that allows it. They should login as user <YOUR SITES SYSTEM USER>, and provide the passphrase from their private key.