How can I setup a printer, server, or other device to send Email?

This FAQ was last modified on: Monday, August 13, 2018 07:50am

If you have a server or device (i.e. printer, scanner, copier) that needs to be able to send email, we can add your hostname(s) to an Authorized Senders list on the Campus MTAs (message transfer agents).  

Request Form:

Things to Know:

  • Hostname -- It needs to be the fully-qualified DNS hostname; the hostname must be in DNS, and not just a bare IP address.  The hostname needs to be the canonical name for the IP address -- i.e., must be what is returned when the ip address is queried from DNS for both forward and reverse lookups.  
  • GT Accounts of People Responsible for the Machine/Device -- i.e., who do we contact if any questions or problems arise in the future.
  • From Address:  If you don't have a valid sending address, eg, a copier that can't receive email replies, create a valid noreply email alias connected to you, or one of your service accounts. Example, create a
    • Go to the Email Toolbox and request an Email Service Role for the person that will own the noreply alias (if they don't already have one)
    • Login to WAND and search for your account or your service account
    • Select User->Email and "Add another alias" under the appropriate account
    • Add the "" and an appropriate name like "no-reply"
    • Type the address yourself as ""
  • On Campus -- Only servers and devices that reside on a GT network are eligible to use  Devices outside the GT network cannot be added.  

Setup Information:

Once we have your information in a ticket from the form submission, the Messaging team will verify that your DNS is configured correctly and then notify you that your device has been added.  You can then configure the device to use to send mail:  


Port: 25

No SSL, No authentication