How to create a customized alias

This FAQ was last modified on: Monday, January 7, 2019 02:26pm
  1. Log into Passport,
  2. Click on Email Preferences
  3. Under Email Addresses, click on "Create a customized address"

Before going any further, please read the verbiage above regarding customized aliases. This information will be included below for you to reference. 

  4. Enter your customized Georgia Tech email address

  5. Click on Georgia Tech Email Data Protection Policy link

  6. Click "create customized address"

* You may only change your customized address once a semester. When you make a change, your old customized address will continue to function for 30 days or until the end of the current semester, and is then deleted (Expired). Once it is deleted (Expired) it will be unavailable for one year. This delay in deletion gives you time to update all of your contacts since you will now have a new email address and your old one will be removed.