How do I connect to my new WebHosting site?

This FAQ was last modified on: Wednesday, September 7, 2016 03:33pm

To connect to the webhosting service, simply visit  If you are not using a wired campus connection, then you will need to utilize the Georgia Tech VPN to complete your connection to your site. will show your site, but without a VPN connection you will experience a page timeout when you try to browse to the site manager.

Please note that we will open up access from Georgia Tech LAWN wireless service with in the next few days. For now, please use the VPN connection until this is opened up to while you are using LAWN.

1) Ensure that you have a Georgia Tech VPN connection if needed as described above.

      VPN setup instructions exist for a variety of operating systems and hand held devices.

2) Visit and click "Hosting Manager Login"

Hosting manager login page

3) Next, you will be redirected to the central service to present your Georgia Tech username and password. Click login.  Note that if you already have valid credentials, you will skip this step.

GT Login page

4) You will be redirected back to and see your available webhosting sites listed on the left hand side. Click the site you wish to manage. In this case its

Click on site you wish to manage

5) If you see the following page, you have successfully logged in. Please see other WebHosting FAQ's to learn more on using this interface.

Successful login

If you were not on the VPN or a campus wired network, then you would have seen a page timeout similar to the one below. In other browsers it may look different. You will need to connect via the VPN as described in Step 1.

Login timeout