How do I set up Outlook for iOS?

This FAQ was last modified on: Thursday, March 8, 2018 12:31pm

First, download the Outlook for iOS app on your iOS device.  

Run the app by tapping on the Outlook icon.  


On the first screen, tap Get Started.


Choose whether you want to receive notifications by tapping on No Thanks or Notify Me.  


If you have other Microsoft mobile apps on your iOS device or have set up one of these applications in the past, Outlook may see the account.  If it does, tap Add Account.  


If it doesn't, type in your email address as  Example:  gburdell3 would type in  Once you've typed in this address, tap Add Account.  


The Outlook app will redirect you go the GT Login service.  Log in with your GT Account and GT Account password.  If your account is enabled for two-factor authentication, you'll be prompted for 2FA.  


Once you've added your account, tap Maybe Later.  


Outlook will provide a quick tutorial about features in the app.  If you don't want to review the tutorial, tap Skip 


Outlook for iOS is now set up on your iOS device.