How Do I Transfer A Guest Account?

This FAQ was last modified on: Wednesday, January 31, 2018 03:28pm

When you transfer a Guest Account to another user, you have to delegate the account to that user. You still are the owner but the delegate has full control and responsibility over the guest account.


Step 1. Start by going to


Step 2. Go to "Manage Guest" in the Main Passport Menu

Step 3. Select the Guest Account that you would like to Move


Step 4. Next select the "Move" option below

Step 5. Next you need to select the Group that you want to move the guest account into. (You can also create a new group if the guest is not in a group already, BUT it must be created before the move)


Step 6. Now the next step is to delegate the Group to an individual.

Note: You need to search to identify the person you want to be the delegate. You can search by Name or GT ID Number.

Select the person and use the option to send an email to notify them of their responsibilities over your Guest Account.