How to install Installatron on your installation

This FAQ was last modified on: Wednesday, March 28, 2018 12:25pm

If you want to use Installatron to manage your site (or your installation), please follow the steps below.


1. Login to your site's control panel. Click on Installatron Application Installer link.

2. Click on Applications Browsers Tab

3. Select the type of your content management system of the site that you're trying to install Installatron to. In this example, our website is using Drupal. 

4. Select Import existing install.

5. Click on Continue button under From this account section

6. If you installation is located under the default web root directory, you can leave the Directory input field blank. But if your installation is located somewhere else, you will need to put the name of the directory where your installation is located there. Then click on Import button.

7. You should have Installatron hook up with your installation. However, you should click on the Ranch Icon of your newly added installation to make sure that you have done the final setup on your site.

8. If you want Installatron to do the auto update (minor update or security releases) on your site, make sure that you have that option selected and the option to have Installatron to create a backup and automatically restore the backup if the update fails selected.   

9. Save your change.