I don't want to use my personal device for Georgia Tech business?

This FAQ was last modified on: Friday, December 14, 2018 09:47am

I don't want to use my personal phone/mobile device for Georgia Tech business - what other options do I have?

Please note that the Duo-Mobile App is a third-party application, can be installed for free and uses very little data. It does not store data and it does not share any information about you with Georgia Tech.

If you still do not wish to use your personal device for Duo access, you may:

  • Have Duo call a landline phone so that you can authorize using the keypad.
  • Generate back up codes
  • Use hardware token. If you are a Georgia Tech employee, please consult with your IT Support staff to see if they will supply a hardware token. 
  • Employees & students may purchase a Blue Duo Token for $22 from the BuzzCard Center on the second floor of the Georgia Tech Bookstore (Barnes & Noble).