VLab - Have a problem getting access?

This FAQ was last modified on: Wednesday, November 29, 2017 03:13pm
  • Unable to login to the mycloud.gatech.edu web page
    • Are you able to login to other computers on campus that require your GT account credentials? If not, a password reset via Passport.gatech.edu may resolve the issue.
    • Are you able to access VLab from other devices?  If so you may need to update or reinstall the Citrix Receiver for the device in question.
    • Have you tried a different web browser?  Sometimes you can resolve your problem by simply using a different browser.  VLab can be accessed using any major browser.
  • Unable to access a specific pool - errors are often generic and not overly helpful, but usually this means there are currently no available machines in that pool.
  • These problems should be taken up with the appropriate contact from the VLab Support Contact List
    • Problem with software on a specific pool
    • Never successfully able to access your school’s pool or applications
    • Access to pool is no longer working