What do I do if my website is restricted to the Campus Only Network?

This FAQ was last modified on: Friday, March 30, 2018 05:44pm

Have you updated your site to be the most up-to-date versions (Version 7.58, or Version 8.5.1) of Drupal?

If the answer is "No". You will have to update your site following the steps provided in this link.


I have updated my site and my site is still being blocked from outside traffic. Please use the following the steps.

Please make sure that there is no other old Drupal Installation(s) on your site.

Here is how to find out if you have other installation(s) on your site.
1. Search for your site on the Restricted to campus only network site list. You also will be able to find this link on your Plesk Web Admin page on hosting.gatech.edu site here (image below). You can see how many Drupal Installation(s) you have based on your site's name. This list also provides you the path of your installation and it's version.

2. If there is other installation(s) in your site. And if it is not 7.58, nor 8.51, you will need to either uninstall that installation, or update that installation to be 7.58 or 8.51 based on  your current version.



If you have done all the following…

  1. I have updated my main site to the latest version
  2. I do not have other old Drupal installation(s) on my site, or I have updated other Drupal installation(s) on my site to be the latest version, or I have removed other old installation(s) that I don't need.

Then…. Please check on the followings notes.

  1. As of today (Mar 30, 2018), Cyber Security will release more sites that have been recently updated to public network in the afternoon (if not sooner). 

    Therefore, by the end of business day today, your site should be unblocked to the outside network.

  2. After the first site release, Cyber Security will have a process to automatically release updated sites routinely.
  3. If you know all installations on your site have been updated and your site is still blocked, contact support at support@oit.gatech.edu.


How about Drupal 6? If my site is still using Drupal 6?

Drupal 6 is End of Life and all Drupal 6 sites will be blocked. The block will be released upon upgrade to Drupal 7. However, please be aware that this is considered as a major update. Make sure to backup your site before this upgrade. And if the upgrade is not possible for your site, you might need to consider rebuilding the site. Here is a resource on how you can migrate your Drupal 6 to Drupal 7. https://drupal.gatech.edu/handbook/migrating-drupal-7-drupal-6