What is an email alias?

This FAQ was last modified on: Monday, January 7, 2019 02:28pm

An email alias is a way for a GT mailbox to have multiple email addresses deliver to it. Everything sent to an email alias is received by the mailbox that the alias is assigned to in GT's mail system.  By default, all mailboxes are assigned a GTAccount@gatech.edu address and customers may select one custom @gatech.edu alias.  

Please Note: sending from multiple addresses is not supported.  Replies from your mailbox will show your primary email address as the sender.  

For example, George Burdell has gburdell3@gatech.edu as his primary email account. He creates a new alias george.burdell@gatech.edu. All email sent to gburdell3@gatech.edu and george.burdell@gatech.edu goes to his mailbox.  When he replies to any email, the reply comes from, gburdell3@gatech.edu, his primary email alias.  If George decides he wants mail to come from his george.burdell@gatech.edu alias, he can change his primary email address in Passport.  

How to Change your Primary Email Address

  1. Click on the blue "Change" button next to your current primary email address

Primary Email Address - Passport

  2. Choose the address that you want to be your primary email address and click Save.

Change Your Primary Email Address - Passport

Your selection will appear in the "From" field as well as the campus directory going forward. (Process takes about an hour or so to appear)

*Reminder About Customized Aliases:

At Georgia Tech, you may only change your customized address once a semester. When you make a change, your old customized address will continue to function for 30 days or until the end of the current semester, and is then deleted (Expired). Once it is deleted (Expired) it will be unavailable for one year. This delay in deletion gives you time to update all of your contacts since you will now have a new email address and your old one will be removed.