What should I know about using Office 365 email on my mobile device?

This FAQ was last modified on: Monday, November 6, 2017 03:29pm

With Office 365 Outlook, you can connect your Outlook mailbox to your mobile device or tablet using Microsoft ActiveSync (Microsoft Exchange account) or the Outlook app for iOS and Android. 

If you connect your Office 365 Outlook to your mobile device, please note that you (or email administrators on your behalf) will have a new capability to wipe ALL the data from your mobile device, including any personal data such as photos and other accounts, with the Office 365 Outlook web client.  In the Outlook app for iOS and Android, this capability is limited to just your email, calendar, and contact data.

Additionally, you may or may not see the below message depending on your mobile device:

If you do not wish to have this capability enabled, please use the Outlook app or iOS/Android or IMAP/SMTP (email only) on your mobile device.  This setting can not be turned off at this time.

Helpful Article:

Note: As with all email data access requests, the messaging team will never use this functionality without expressed permission from the end user or by request of Cyber Security once the proper leadership approvals have been granted.

The process for email data requests can be found at this website: