Why did I receive the error "Invalid login credentials" when I tried to sign into Box?

This FAQ was last modified on: Monday, February 11, 2019 03:20pm

The "Invalid login credentials" error message has two different known causes that are listed below.  

Box.com Invalid login credentials error message

Ineligible GT Account

The GT Box service is limited to the primary GT Accounts of eligible customers.  When an account is not eligible for GT Box, it will receive the error message "Invalid login credentials" when the accounts attempts to log in to Box through the GT Login service.  

Box Account Already Exists 

If you are eligible to use the GT Box service and receive the "Invalid login credentials" error, you may already have a Box account using your gtaccount@gatech.edu alias.  There are two options:  

  • Change the address of your existing Box.com account to a non-GT email address.  After changing the address, you should be able to log into GT Box using your GT credentials.  
  • The GT Box support team can request that your existing Box account be pulled into GT Box.  If you would like this option, please contact us at box@gatech.edu to begin the process.