The Georgia Tech Two-factor Authentication (2FA) Service

This FAQ was last modified on: Friday, December 14, 2018 08:21am

What is the Georgia Tech Two-factor Authentication (2FA) Service?

  • Two-Factor Authentication(using the Duo-Mobile App) is service that provides an extra level of security that protects your GT account password against hackers. Two-factor Authentication uses a process called "Two-Factor Authentication" to require an additional step at login that ensures your password is protected against theft and potential attacks. 


Who is required to enroll in Georgia Tech Two-factor Authentication?

  • All current Georgia Tech credit students and employees (tech-temps, affiliates, adjuncts, faculty, and staff) are required to use Two-factor Authentication to access Georgia Tech systems.


Am I required to sign up for the Georgia Tech 2FA? 

  • 2FA is not optional for Georgia Tech staff, faculty, and credit students who are eligible to sign up for the service. If you're part of one of these designated groups, you will be notified that you are required to enroll in 2FA.