How can I use Two-Factor Authentication without a smart device?

This FAQ was last modified on: Friday, December 14, 2018 09:29am


How can I use Two-Factor Authentication without a smartphone?

1. Hard token: authentication with a hardware token does not require an internet connection, cellular connection, or device. 


  • Students: Only Blue Duo Tokens are supported for Students. Other types of hardware tokens are NOT supported for students.
  • Employees: Blue Duo Tokens & YubiKeys are only supported for Employees by their local IT Support.
  • Employees & students may purchase a Blue Duo Token for $22 from the BuzzCard Center on the second floor of the Georgia Tech Bookstore (Barnes & Noble). 
  • The Blue Duo Token allows students anywhere to generate passcodes independent of their phone. 
  • GT employees may be able to get a FREE Blue Duo Hardware Token from their local IT representatives. 


2. Landline: You can also authenticate by a call to a mobile phone or a call to a landline. 


3. Generate 10 backup codes: These backup codes can be generated & printed in Passport by going to Two-Factor Authentication, then selecting Generate Backup Codes. Each code can only be used one time, but they never expire. Remember to save your last Backup Code to login to Passport, and to generate and print more Backup Codes. Write these codes down if you don’t have access to a printer. Make sure to save these codes somewhere other than your phone. You can print them and keep them in your wallet, or you can write them down in a notebook.

4. Add a Trusted Person: You can add a trusted person. You should setup trusted friends in different time zones in case you have problems. This can be done in Passport under Two-Factor Authentication. Other students, faculty or staff that you know can be set up as Trusted Friends via Passport. They can provide Rescue Codes if needed. GT Faculty and Staff can also assist you in generating a back-up code. If you do not have any backup codes or trusted friends set up, you can meet with any program professor or staff member to help you generate a rescue code. These rescue codes should be a last resort because of these voids any printed Backup Codes that have previously been generated.