How to create an FAQ Article

This FAQ was last modified on: Tuesday, August 1, 2017 11:28am
Step 1:   First Scroll to the top of the page , and hover over "Content", "Add Content", then click "FAQ Article".


Step 2:   First, select a category on the drop box that fits the type of FAQ being created, and type the title of this FAQ under the Title section.


Step 3:   Before you begin, please select advanced text editor.


Step 4:   If you wish to insert an image, then you must click the icon circled below. Note that you may skip to "Step 10" if you aren't adding images. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU CAN'T PASTE IMAGES.


Step 5:   Click on "Browse Server".


Step 6:   Click on "Upload", then browse for the intended image.

Step 7:   Double click the newly uploaded image, then click OK.
Step 8: Add a border of size 2


Step 9:   Add a description in alternative text for accessibility

This image shows how to add alternative text for accessibility purposes


Step 10:  Precede to type the documentation you deem necessary


Step 11:   Click "Save".