How do I add an account to Duo Mobile on Android?

This FAQ was last modified on: Monday, December 5, 2016 06:02pm

Duo Mobile on Android

The Duo Mobile application makes it easy to authenticate — just tap “Approve” on the login request sent to your Android device. You can also quickly generate login passcodes, even without an internet connection or cell service.

NOTE: You can reactivate a device or setup a replacement device by using the Passport Self-Service page:

Please also be aware that even if you have the SAME phone number, but you are switching phones Operating Systems (moving from iOS-Apple to Android or vice versa) you will still need to click on the "ADD ANOTHER PHONE" link in passport self service window.

Add another phone icon

Doing this will require you to Authenticate via 2 Factor before you can select the NEW software platform , for activation purposes to add your new device.

Adding Phone for Two-Factor

  • Once you receive your email from your Duo Admin, click on the link to begin enrolling your mobile device.

Duo Enrollment Link

  • Once you click on the first link you will be forwarded to the screen below. Click on the "Add Account" button to begin.

Duo Introduction Image

  • Follow the instructionson the following screen. Once you finish installing the app, return to the Duo install instructions in your mobile browser.

Duo Installation Visuals

  • Click "Continue" to move to the next screen. Follow the instructions on the screen. Please Note: If you are doing this on you mobile device, you will be unable to scan the QRC code obviously. Please refer to the section "Can't scan this barcode? Click Here".

QR Code for Duo

  •  Once you click on the link and put in your email address, you will be sent an email that allows you to activate your device.

Duo Email Verification mail

  • Click on the link in the email.

Duo Email Verification mail

  • Launch the Duo Mobile App and you will see a new GT entry there.

Launch of Duo App

  • Clicking on the "Key" icon on the previous screen will bring up the one time secure code.

Duo Key Code

Duo Push

Duo Push is the easiest and quickest way of authenticating. You'll get a login request sent to your phone — just press Approve to authenticate.

Duo Push Approval

If you get a login request that you weren't expecting, press Deny to reject the request. You’ll be given the ability to report it as fraudulent, or you can tap It was a mistake to deny the request without reporting it.

Third-Party Accounts

Duo Mobile supports third-party TOTP accounts, like Google and Dropbox. Learn more »

Removing Accounts

Delete an account by long-pressing on an account. Then tap "Remove account" and confirm the deletion.

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