How do I add an email Alias to my Box account?

This FAQ was last modified on: Monday, March 11, 2019 09:42am

Adding Email Aliases to Your Box Account

Why? The default configuration of all GT Box accounts uses the root email address ( of the account holder. As such, if someone sends you a collaboration link using one of your department email aliases, you will not be able to view the shared content upon accepting the invitation. There is also the added confusion from the sender’s side as the permission will continue to show as pending even though the invitation has been accepted.

How do we fix this? To resolve this issue, Box account holders must add their email aliases to their account settings. A guide for adding email aliases is shown below.

1. Sign in to your Georgia Tech Box account and open Account Settings using the dropdown arrow next to your initials in the upper right-hand side of the page.

menu options shown with account settings highlighted


2. Once the Account Settings page opens, scroll down to the section that contains your Login and Email Addresses.

Login and email address tips with example of default email address

3. Click the Add Email link and Save your email aliases one at a time.

Add new email address fillable field

4. You will receive a confirmation email for each address that is entered. Click the Verify Email button.

box verify email statement

5. Box will now open and confirm that the new email address is verified. Click Continue to Your Account to open your Box account.

address verification confirmation page

6. You will receive a confirmation email once the new email address is verified.

email successfully added notification

7. Once you have entered and confirmed your email alias addresses, they will be listed in the Login and Email Addresses section under Account Settings.

login and email address settings page

Note: If any of the email addresses that you are attempting to add have been used in the creation of a personal Box account, you will receive an error when attempting to add it to your GT Box account.