How do I backup and restore my website?

This FAQ was last modified on: Monday, July 24, 2017 03:39pm

This is a brief overview of using the Parallels backup and restore process. 

1. Login to the Parallels Control Panel. Click the "Backup Manager" link

Plesk Main Page


2. Click "Back Up".

Parallels Backup Manager Page


3. Name your backup, in this case I use "testbackup1", choose "Domain configuration and content" and then click the "Ok" button

Plesk Backup Manager Backup Name Page


4. Please wait while your backup is being performed.

Plesk Backup Manager Start Backup Page


5. Your finished backup will be shown below. You may download this *xml.tar file which if created as a full backup will contain all of the files and databases for the site by clicking the green arrow at the right of the screen.

Plesk Backup Manager Finished Page


To Restore from Backup

1. In the Backup Manager, click on the backup name as displayed on the list as seen above. After clicking the backup name, you will be shown the window below. In the Backup Content section, you can choose to do a selected restore (where you can select to restore database, or sites or files) or you can select All Objects. Click "Restore"

Plesk Backup Manager Restore Page


2. The restore should launch. It may take some time, so please be patient while it finishes.

Plesk Backup Manager Restore Conflicts Page


3. Your restore has completed

Plesk Backup Manager Conflicts Resolution Page