How Do I Enable/Disable 2 Factor Options in LastPass

This FAQ was last modified on: Wednesday, June 14, 2017 10:50am

To maintain the standard for security at Georgia Tech , we strongly recommend that you enable 2 factor authentication when using LastPass.

  1. Log into LastPass.

  2. Click on "Account Settings".

  3. Proceed to the "Multifactor Options" menu, then click the "pencil" in the DUO portion.

  4. Set the Enable drop-window to "No", then click "Update".

  5. Type in your LastPass password.

  6. Click "OK".

  7. Once you confirm DUO is disabled, click the "pencil" again.

  8. Set the Enable drop-window to "Yes", then click "Update".

  9. Type in your Georgia Tech username.

  10. Click "OK".

  11. Click "OK".

  12. You should now see DUO enabled.