How do I enroll myself (self-enroll) in Two-factor Authentication?

This FAQ was last modified on: Thursday, August 9, 2018 03:59pm

ATTENTION: If you are currently seeing the Georgia Tech Login Service Attention page saying that you are required to enroll in Two-Factor Authentication – Follow the instructions below to enroll.

If you are a Credit Student (Online or On Campus), Faculty or Staff, you may now enroll yourself (self-enroll) in Two-factor Authentication using Passport (

To get started follow these steps:
Step 1 – Log into Passport with your GT Username and Password.   
  • If you are presented with a personal information confirmation screen asking you to confirm your information (periodically done in Passport), please do so.
  • The next screen you would encounter is Passport Home Page.

The next image is the Passport Home Page

Step 2 – Go to the Two-Factor Authentication menu option.
  • The next screen you should encounter is the Two-Factor Authentication page.
  • By choosing "Set up two-factor authentication with your phone" you are presented a Pre-Checklist to download the DUO App to your phone.

Passport Two-factor Authentication Enrollment page

Step 3 – The “Get Your Phone Ready for Two-Factor” page gives you instructions on how to download the DUO Mobile App.

Get Your Phone Ready for Two-Factor Checklist

The next steps will add the “Georgia Institute of Technology” account into the DUO App.
Step 4 – When you have the DUO App on your phone, choose “I’m done – continue to phone registration” to continue.
Step 5 – Continue setting up Two-Factor Authentication by adding the required information about your phone number.
  • Phone Number, Phone Type and Phone Platform are required.
  • Make sure the check box next to “Send SMS texts with Duo App activation instructions to this phone (SMS charges may apply)” is checked and choose “Add phone” to continue.

Set Up Two-Factor Authentication on your Phone

Step 6 – Wait for Passport to set up Two-Factor Authentication which can take up to three minutes.  The progress bar will show progress.

Step 7 – When processing is complete, you will be shown the Two-Factor Authentication menu page.  You can confirm your phone(s) and/or Tokens are setup properly.
  1. On this screen you will also be shown a Two-Factor Account Health Check.  All Georgia Institute of Technology Two-Factor users will see a similar check. 

  1. The purpose of the Two-Factor Account Health Check is to promote self-support and prevent you from being locked out of GT Systems if your phone is lost, stolen or out of power when an urgent assignment is due. 
  2. The more of the items you complete the better chance you will not lock yourself out.

Step 8 – Address as many Two-Factor Authentication Health Check items you can but

                                      It is HIGHLY recommended that YOU:
  1. Generate & Print BACKUP CODES (use Passport -> Two-Factor Authentication -> Generate Backup Codes)
  2. Add Trusted Friends who can help you when other support options are unavailable

                                    Go for the Green Check! 

                                        DON’T LET YOURSELF BE LOCKED OUT.

Example of a healthy, well setup Two-Factor Account –

For more information – Two-Factor Authentication Service Website

For Reference – Quick Reference Guide on Using Two-Factor Authentication