How do I FTP my files to WebHosting? What account and password do I use?

This FAQ was last modified on: Wednesday, April 18, 2018 10:39am

FTP is an insecure protocol and is disabled on the OIT WebHosting Service. However, users can still use SCP (secure copy) and SFTP (secure-FTP) to transfer files.

You will need to know your the GT WebHosting Account and password for the site you want to access. This account name is unique for each site and can be managed via your site's control panel (via

A unique account is associated with each site that will only be used within the WebHosting environment. Unfortunately, you can only have one username and password per site. If additional people need access, you can choose to share your GT WebHosting Account and password with them. Conversely, if you need to take away access, the only way is to simply change the password. This is a limitation of the system, not an OIT policy.

On your mail Parallels panel, click the "Show More" link:

Click Show More

Click the icon for "Web Hosting Access":

host page

You can view your GT WebHosting Account username on this page (it cannot be changed) as well as modify the password. We recommend you use the Generate and Show buttons to allow Plesk to create a secure password. Make certain you record it after you show it!

GT WebHosting Account Info