How do I get started with Node.js on Plesk?

This FAQ was last modified on: Wednesday, June 10, 2020 12:33pm

The Plesk Node.js extension provides site developers the ability to serve Node.js-based applications as an option in addtion to PHP.

What is Node.js?

Node.js is a server-side runtime environment, same as PHP, but which uses Javascript as the common language.

As a result, it can be used for both the front- and back-end of site applications, making the development process more seamless. Although it's relatively new, Node.js has rapidly become a popular choice for modern web development.

How do I get Node.js enabled for my Plesk domain?

OIT Plesk Web Hosting is offering Node.js on a per-request basis.

Before requesting Node.js for your Plesk domain, site owners should understand that:

  • The Plesk Node.js extension is a tool for deployment, not development

    The extension is UI-only, and allows you to:

    • Serve a Node.js application
    • Change the state of a Node.js application
    • Change the Node.js environment version
    • Locally NPM package files to your domain, as declared in the application's package.json file


    Command-line support isn't available.

  • Node.js is provided as-is with limited support

    OIT Plesk Web Hosting only provides limited troubleshooting support for issues with the Node.js extension's user interface. Issues or questions about the Node.js development or implementation process on Plesk are not supported.

    See the end of this page for vendor resources and examples on how to use the Node.js extension.

  • The Plesk vendor manages the Node.js extension

    Unlike with PHP, OIT Plesk Web Hosting does not control Node.js version availability. Once a Node.js version has reached End of Life, Plesk may choose to remove it at any time.

    Site owners are responsible for understanding the Node.js release timeline, and for keeping their sites updated and using a stable release.

    If a site breaks because it is not compatible with a supported Node.js version, we cannot provide a temporary rollback.

If you understand and accept these limitations, you can request Node.js support for your Plesk domain.

Resources for working with Node.js on Plesk

  • Node.js Support

    The Plesk vendor's write-up and tutorial video on how to configure and run your Node.js application.

  • Hello World application examples and walkthrough

    This is an older tutorial, but still useful. The Plesk vendor provides a practical walkthrough on getting both simple and more complex Hello World applications running.

Common Issues


This is a brand new offering. As we encounter common issues with the extension, this section will be updated with that information.