How Do I get the "Responsibility For" Role on an Account?

This FAQ was last modified on: Friday, November 17, 2017 05:10pm

The "Responsibility for" role in MAGE is needed for many reasons. One key reason is to, separate service related email and in some cases accounts, from an employee's PRIMARY role. Previously, a request for this additional role needed to be sent to the Identity Access Management team for processing. Thankfully, the IAM team, has made this a Self-Service feature for CSRs with access to the IAT tool.

In order to provision this new role for an account, please visit and log into the IAT website ......

Once logged in, search for the customer that you need to add the new role to.



PLEASE NOTE that though the IAT search results default to the user's "Primary Account", you MUST click on the user's actual name in order to get to the "Services Role" section.



Once you have expanded the "Service Roles" area, you will be able to navigate to the "+ Add Service Role" button.



Next, please fill out the required information on the screen that pops up and click the "Add" button.



PLEASE NOTE: The "Responsibility for " title is automatically added to the beginning of the service role title. For example, to see Responsibility for FAQ Email Services when you look at this in MAGE, you simply need to type "FAQ Email Services" in the "Title" field.

Give it a little bit and ............ You should see this new role in MAGE, and be able to add service accounts as well as email aliases under the newly created role.