How do I get started with Duo's Two-Factor Authentication services?

This FAQ was last modified on: Wednesday, September 20, 2017 11:04am

OIT is deploying Duo's Two-Factor Authentication services to provide a second level of security on certain applications and services currently used by staff and faculty.

What is Two-Factor Authentication?

Two-factor authentication keeps information safe by requiring the user to provide a second layer of security, usually in the form of a generated number, to a login screen before accessing an application. This type of authentication uses push technology to send a second passcode to a device such as a smartphone or tablet. Because the second authentication is independent from your username and password, if your password is stolen, the application using two-factor authentication is safe from attempted hackers. Georgia Tech has partnered with Duo Security to provide this service.

When is Duo Two-Factor Authentication Available?

Two-Factor Authentication using the DUO app is available to staff and faculty although the rollout to staff, faculty and students is planned in stages. If your unit is interested in enrolling, or you’re an individual staff or faculty member interested in becoming enrolled, please contact  Include your name and department in the subject line. Students who are currently working on campus must enroll in two-factor authentication using Duo within the first week of employment, and all students will be able to enroll in two-factor authentication in 2017.

How Do I Install Duo?

 To set up a Duo Two-Factor Authentication account, you will need to visit the Technology Support Center (TSC), located in Clough Commons, and provide the following: 

  • BuzzCard
  • GT Account used to authenticate to the above services (e.g. gburdell3 or gburdell-fwadmin)
  • Phone number (mobile, preferred, or desk phone)
  • Operating System your mobile phone is using if it is a smartphone.
  • Device to install Duo (smartphone or tablet)

The Duo Two-Factor Authentication is a downloadable application. If you are using a smartphone, please download the DUO Mobile app from your app store prior to visiting the TSC and bring your phone with you. Further information is located here.