How do I get started using OneDrive for Business at Georgia Tech?

This FAQ was last modified on: Thursday, June 8, 2017 12:29pm

OneDrive for Business is a document repository that includes the Office web applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote).  

To get started, browse to


Why should I use OneDrive for Business instead of a different cloud document storage product such as DropBox or Google Docs?​

​OneDrive for Business is covered by a license agreement with Microsoft that allows GT to maintain copyright and ownership of the documents stored in OneDrive for Business. GT does not have these agreements with most other cloud document storage companies. (Note: Georgia Tech does have an agreement in place to provide Dropbox Enterprise. Please see our FAQ on who is eligible for GT Dropbox service to see if you're eligible.)  Using other products that are not licensed by GT may limit GT's ability to assist with security, copyright, or other intellectual property disputes.  OIT centrally supports OneDrive for Business for cloud document storage and collaboration.


​What is the difference between OneDrive for Business and OneDrive?

OneDrive for Business is administered by the Office of Information Technology at GT, and it’s usage is covered under a state contract with Microsoft. OneDrive is a consumer service provided and administered by Microsoft and is not covered under any contracts with GT or the state. GT faculty, staff, and students should use OneDrive for Business accessible through Office 365 for GT related documents.​​  If you have a personal OneDrive account, it can not be merged with your GT OneDrive for Business account, but you can still use both separately.


How can I use OneDrive for Business to collaborate with my colleagues?

You can create, upload, and share documents and folders with your colleagues.  Based on the sharing permissions you grant them, they can then either view or edit those documents or create new documents.  You can also edit them at the same time in the web browser. 


What kind of data is ok to store in OneDrive for Business?

GT CyberSecurity has certified OneDrive for Business for use with data up to and including Category III data as defined in the GT Data Access Policy, which does not include export control data or classified data​.  Category IV is expressly forbidden.  Personal documents can be stored as well but may be subject to the Freedom of Information Act and Georgia Open Records Act requests.


Does OneDrive for Business offer any virus  or malware protection for document sharing?

Yes, OneDrive for Business will scan each document before uploading it to verify that it is not a known virus or malware distributer.  Do still use caution if someone you do not know tries to send you a file or invites you to a folder using OneDrive for Business or any other file sharing program.


How can I sync OneDrive for Business to my computer? 

​Operating System ​Sync Client ​Link
​Windows 7, 8, 8RT, 8.1  ​OneDrive for Business Application Microsoft Download Center
​Mac OS with Office 2008, Office 2011 ​Office Document Connection Microsoft Setup Instructions
​Linux or Unix-based Systems ​No current application
​iOS 6.0+ ​OneDrive for Business for All
Office Mobile for Students*
​iTunes Store - OneDrive for Business
iTunes Store - Office Mobile
​Windows Mobile 8 ​OneDrive for Business Windows App Store
​Android ​No current application for Faculty/Staff
Office Mobile for Students*
​​Google Play Store*

The OneDrive for Business web app is accessible from most recent web browsers.  For a complete list, review the browser compatibility requirements for Office 365.

* Starting in January 2014.


Additional Set-Up Information on the OIT FAQ, How do I sync OneDrive for Business with My Computer? 

Can I pick and choose what to sync?  Is there a folder limit when synchronizing folders on your desktop?

You can not pick and choose files in your OneDrive for Business space to sync locally.  It is all or nothing.  Additionally to help ensure successful synchronization of multiple files and folders to a local OneDrive for Business folder, add content to your local OneDrive for Business folder in chunks of 200 items or less. An item can be a folder or a file. So, for example, if you add a folder that contains 50 sub-folders and 120 files, totaling 170 items, this falls within the acceptable limit.


Is data stored in OneDrive for Business backed up?​

Microsoft periodically backs up data stored in OneDrive for Business for disaster recovery purposes only.  OneDrive for Business offers a self-restore Recycling Bin where you can restore deleted items for up to 90 days from the date of deletion​.  OIT is looking into additional services to provide additional backups for disaster recovery as well.  See the Microsoft Help topic for instructions on accessing your Recycling Bin:   Empty the recycle bin or restore your files.


What file types cannot be uploaded to OneDrive for Business?

Notably .exe and .shtm. For a complete list from Microsoft, see Blocked file types for SharePoint Online.


What characters cannot be used in OneDrive for Business file names?

See the Microsoft Help topic:  I can't upload a file or folder.


I've heard about advanced features of SharePoint such as Team Sites, blogs, and Document Repositories.  Are these available to me?  

Currently these advanced features are still being reviewed for use.  If you would like to request access to these advanced features, please reach out to the OIT Technology Support Center, and we will evaluate your request for pilot testing of those services.​


Should I use OneDrive for Business for a central document repository for my department?  Should I request a department account instead?

You can share and collaborate with your department through your personal OneDrive for Business account.  Please be aware that if you depart Georgia Tech, your documents will be no longer be available to your department or the individuals that you've shared them with as they will be stored in your personal OneDrive for Business account, which will be disabled upon your departure.  We do not currently offer the option of a department account for this purpose.  To have a central, non-personal document repository, you may request to pilot these features through a Team Site.  However, these features are not fully supported yet.


Can I have more space? 

Currently there is not a process in place to request additional OneDrive for Business personal storage space.  If you would like to request additional space or the pricing model, please reach out to the OIT Technology Support Center, and we will evaluate your request for this additional space.