How do I install the OIT Laptop Printing Package for Windows 7?

This FAQ was last modified on: Wednesday, November 30, 2016 02:49pm

Installing the latest Laptop OIT Printing PackageWindows 7


As of March 20 2014 older print packages will not work and you must update to the latest. Below are instructions for how to properly upgrade to the latest print package. If you are installing for the first time skip to step 5. 

Start by uninstalling the original Laptop OIT Printing package:

1. Go to Start Menu -> Control Panel -> Programs and Features.

2. Select "Pharos" from the list of installed programs.

3. Go through the Pharos uninstall process until it has been completely removed from the system.

4. You may also want to remove the old printers as they will no longer work by going to Control Panel -> Printer, right clicking and deleting. 

Start The Installation Process:

5. Download the 32bit or 64bit zip file from

6. After unzipping, Install each printer you would like to have to complete the process. Black is for all of campus but if you would like to print in Color you must install the printer corresponding to the building name. 

Printer Locations

Known Issues

Printer Executables fail to install with Norton Antivirus

We have found that on computers running Norton Anti Virus the executables fail to install. To bypass this you must temporarily disable Norton Auto-protect. To do this right click on the norton icon in the windows taskbar and choose Disable Auto-Protect. Norton will then ask how long you would like to disable for, any length of time is fine. Once disabled, install the print packages which should no longer error out. Finally once installed we recommend you renable Norton Auto-protect. 

Printer Executables fail to install with another language as default

We have found that on certain computers where the default language is set to something other than English, the installation may fail. The following instructions will tell you how to insure that your computer is set to English so that the package will install.

Go to Start Menu -> Control Panel -> Regional and Language Options

  • Under the "Formats" tab, make sure that the box for "Current format" is set to "English (United States)"
  • Click on the "Administrative" tab.
  • Click on the "Change system locale" button.
  • Make sure that the setting for "Current system locale" is set to "English (United States)"
  • After you make these changes, your computer will need to be rebooted. Once rebooted, start the installation process.