How do I remove myself from WebHosting mailing lists?

This FAQ was last modified on: Tuesday, May 16, 2017 01:50pm

The webhosting lists are auto populated so you can't remove yourself or be manually removed. We send out emails to keep users informed about changes in webhosting and it is required to be on them as a webhosting owner or administrator. The only way to unsubscribe from the lists is to be removed as an owner or administrator for EVERY site in webhosting. If you’ve left Georgia Tech, most likely you weren’t auto removed as an owner/admin for a webhosting site and you should request to be removed. It is the site owner's responsibility to periodically review their site's owners and administrators.

If you no longer to be an administrator of any sites in webhosting, you need to contact the owner(s) of the site(s) that you are an admin for so they can remove you. You’ll be removed from the lists when the next sync of the mailing list occurs (at least once a day). If you would no longer like to be an owner of any sites in webhosting, you must submit a ticket by either filling out the form Request Assistance Form (preferred) or sending an email OIT Support. If you are the only owner for the site, you MUST provide a new owner to replace you.