How do I setup Duo (2FA) on a new Device (Passport Self-Service)?

This FAQ was last modified on: Wednesday, September 5, 2018 02:05pm

Resetting Duo (2FA) on a new Device (Passport Self-Service)

If you have an existing Duo (2FA) account, you can use the Passport Self-Service to ACTIVATE or ADD additional devices.

  • First, visit and then login (including two-factor authenticating -- You can use the CALL option if your phone # is the same). 
  • Next, click on "Two-Factor Authentication" under the "GT Account Login" section in the left menu.
    Two Factor Authentication submenu link
  • Please also be aware that even if you have the SAME phone number, but you are switching phone Operating Systems (for example: moving from iOS-Apple to Android or vice versa), OR Just switching to a new phone,  you will need to click on the "ADD ANOTHER PHONE" link in passport self service window. Please note that you CAN ALSO USE the PHONE CALL option for the authentication step below if you have the same phone number.

add another phone

  • Note: If you have lost your phone and you have set up a secondary Duo option (i.e. another device and/or printed backup codes), you will use this secondary option to continue with the authentication process below.  If you did NOT set up a secondary option, you must come in person to the OIT Technology Support Center so that you can be vetted once again and your account profile updated to enroll the new device.
  • You will now be presented with the authentication screen. You will see various options based on the device(s) currently enrolled in the system. There are two examples below of how you will need to authenticate before you move forward. Again this authentication step is REQUIRED before moving forward!

2FA required

select landline


  • These are the options that can be used for authentication, based on the device(s) currently configured:
    • The code generated by the Duo Mobile app. This is the code that you get by pressing the "key" on the upper right side of the app.
    • "push"
    • "phone", "phone2", "phone3"....... "phoneN".
      Note:  There is no "phone1" since "phone" and "phone1" both reference the first phone number you entered into the system. The phone number list is directly related to the order in which you set up your various phones in the Duo system. "phone" will call your 1st phone (likely your cell) and "phone2" will call your office or which ever secondary phone number you entered at the time your Duo Account was configured etc.
    • Next click the "Log In" button. You should now be able to add your new device(s).

add a phone 

  • Once you have added the necessary information, click on the "Add Phone" button.