How do I share a folder in Dropbox?

This FAQ was last modified on: Monday, November 13, 2017 12:38pm
Image that illustrates the location of share button, email address input, and folder settings link.
  1. Next to the folder, click Share
  2. Type in the email address for each person you want to share your folder with.  (Please note:  All GT Dropbox users are listed as  
  3. Set their access level; Can view vs Edit.
  4. Ignore Create a Link option.
  5. Click Folder Settings to adjust who can manage access to this folder.
Image that displays the settings on the folder. Who can be invited, Who can manage access, and Allow links to be shared option.

Folder Settings:

  • Who can be invited...? Choose ANYONE if sharing with non-GT faculty/staff accounts.
  • Who can manage access...? Only invited GT faculty/staff can manage access. If you want to limit this responsibility to your self, click ONLY OWNERS. If you want to share ownership responsibility with a limited quantity of other GT faculty/staff, --- the correct procedure is currently still under our investigation.---.
  • Non-faculty/staff sharing with other non-faculty/staff? Click NO to prevent outsiders from sending other outsiders a link to folder contents.