How do I use Installatron to install a web application?

This FAQ was last modified on: Thursday, October 24, 2019 09:34am

 Installatron allows users to easily install many popular web applications. In this guide, we will be installing Drupal.

First, visit, access the Control Panel for the domain you wish to install your application and click on "Installatron Application Installer"

Select installatron


If you are not taken there by default, click on the "Application Browser" tab at the top of the page

Application browser

Installatron allows you to install dozens of popular web applications, choose the one that you wish to install. We are choosing Drupal.

Choose install


You are presented with a description of the applications and links to other sites for more information. When you are ready to configure the installatron, click "Install This Application"

Select install


The default values that Installatron uses for the installation are generally fine but there are two sections that are worth an extra look. 


The first is location. This tells Installatron where to install your application. By default it installs to the root of your website (i.e. If you want to install your application to a  subdirectory, specify that here.

Sub directory image


The second section that you will want to pay special attention to is the Settings section. This is where you specify the login credentials for your site administrators as well as the site administrators' email address. These credentials are not stored by Installatron and OIT WebHosting cannot recover them for you if they are forgotten. The email address you provide will also receive updates when a new version of your application is released. Once you have your application configured as you wish, click Install.

Select Install


It can take several minutes for Installatron to install your application.