How do we resolve Duo Prompt display issues related to any iOS Devices?

This FAQ was last modified on: Thursday, August 23, 2018 12:39pm

iOS has configurable content restrictions that can potentially prevent the Duo Prompt from displaying correctly.

If you see a gray box or “session has expired” error instead of the Duo Prompt on your iPhone or iPad, please check whether you have content restrictions enabled or Disable the restrictions. 

If you see the above error message, then please follow one of the following instructions to resolve the issue: 

This can be found on the device by going to Settings --> General --> Restrictions --> Websites.

First, check whether you have content restrictions enabled or disabled by going to Settings -->General -->Restrictions -->Websites

Option 1:  If you do not want to disable the content restrictions entirely, you can add to the Whitelist within the content restriction page on the iOS device. 


Option 2To completely disable content restrictions, uncheck “Limit Adult Content” and change it to “All websites.” 

Option 3Settings --> General -- > Restrictions --> disable the Restrictions

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