How to set up a DUO Hardware Token for Two-Factor Authentication

This FAQ was last modified on: Tuesday, June 18, 2019 09:18am

Employees & students may purchase a Duo Hardware Token for $22 from the BuzzCard Center on the second floor of the Georgia Tech Bookstore (Barnes & Noble). The Duo Token allows students anywhere to generate passcode, independent of their phone.



  • Go to the Passport website, after authentication steps, at Duo homepage, and you will see the following:



  • Select “Add a token” button and then enter the Serial number



  • Once you click “Add Token,” you will get this screen.



  • You will receive a confirmation email from Passport. Now enter any Georgia Tech site which requires 2-Factor. After your username and password, you will see this screen, and here you enter the 6 digit number from the Duo Hardware token by pressing the button and “Log In”.




Will I need to purchase a Duo Hardware Token, or will my department purchase the token?

  • Duo hardware Token purchases are dependent upon the rules of the department.
  • Each department has its own procedure on purchasing and providing the Duo Hardware Tokens. Some departments have decided to provide Duo Tokens to their staff and other departments are having individuals purchase their own through the Georgia Tech Bookstore (Barnes & Noble).
  • Students: Only Blue Duo Hardware Tokens are supported for Students. Other types of hardware tokens are NOT supported for students.
  • Employees: Blue Duo Hardware Tokens & YubiKeys are only supported for Employees by their local IT Support.