How to use the Apple App Store Volume Voucher Program

This FAQ was last modified on: Thursday, November 30, 2017 02:33pm

 For a brief overview of the program, please visit

Step 1: Purchase an Apple Volume App Voucher from the Apple Store for Education. Vouchers are available in $100, $500, $1,000, $5,000 and $10,000 denominations.
In order to redeem your voucher and start purchasing Apps, you will need a Program Facilitator Account.   If you do not have such an account, please send email to with your desired Program Facilitator's email address.  It is highly recommended that you create a new email address for this account (ex.  Please note that the email address provided must be an address that is currently unused in an Apple system, including the iTunes Store, MobileMe, and the Apple Online Store.  After your email is upgraded to a Program Facilitator Account, you will receive a confirmation email containing your temporary password and activation instructions.
Step 2: Once you have your Program Facilitator account set-up and have purchased a voucher, visit and "Sign In" to your facilitator account.
Education Store  
Step 3: After you have signed in, click on "Redeem Voucher" and enter the 16-digit code off of your voucher purchased in Step 1.
Voucher Code needed
Step 4:  Now that your account has funds, you are ready to search for "Paid Apps" that you can purchase (please note free applications will not appear in the search results).  In this example we are looking for Pages.
App Search
Click on any of the results to learn more and to purchase the application.
Step 5: To purchase Apps with your voucher, enter the quantity desired (purchases of quantities 20 or more are 50% off in the volume app store).  Click "Continue" and then "Buy" after reviewing the charges.
 Buy App
Step 6:  After clicking "Buy" Apple will email you an Excel spreadsheet containing the redemption codes.
You can also download these spreadsheets, as well as view your purchase and redemption history by clicking on your account name at the Volume App Store site.
Step 7: Now that you have received your redemption codes, you can either forward them onto the individual user to redeem in the iTunes store, or manage and distribute them yourself.  To redeem the codes, open up iTunes.  Click "iTunes Store" on the left-hand navigation and login with your desired Apple ID. This does not have to be your Program Facilitator AppleID, though if a personal AppleID is used, the purchased application's ownership will be transfered to the AppleID used to redeem it.  To redeem the app code, simply click "Redeem" in the "Quick Links" bar located in the upper right of the iTunes Store window.  After entering the code, the App will start to download and can then be synced with the desired iOS device.
Still have questions? Visit the App Store Voucher Purchase Program FAQ.