Installatron: Keeping your WordPress Application Up To Date

This FAQ was last modified on: Friday, January 13, 2017 03:28pm

If your WordPress version(s) is (are) out of date please log into your Plesk Control Panel(s) from and click the name of your site. From the Websites & Domains screen click the Installatron Application Installer link on the right. From the Installatron screen click the check box by the “X” on each of the WordPress Sites on your Domain. Then click the Wrench  (Edit) Button and the bottom of the screen. You will see two arrows chasing each other at the top left of the screen the find yourself an Overview screen. Scroll down and under Automatic Update select the Update to minor versions and Security releases – or – if you want the latest Update to any new version. Under WordPress Plugin Automatic Update select Update WordPress plugins as new versions become available. The rest of the settings are up to you. You can automatically update, notify and backup. Once you have made these changes click the Save All button at the bottom of the screen. Please keep in mind that if you have a huge site these Application backups can tie up a lot of disk space. That’s it! If you selected the notify option your site will let you know when it updates itself.

If your WordPress application was installed outside of Installatron it will not show up when you click the Installatron icon. You can import it into installatron!  To import an existing installed application; open the "Applications Browser" tab, click on the name of application you intend to import, click the button next to the "install this application" button, and then select the "From this account" option. The import wizard will prompt you for the location of the existing installed application and then perform the import. The "Location" section prompts you for the location of the existing installed application as the combination of a domain and a directory. This should direct Installatron to the top level directory of the application that you intend to import.  Select a domain. The drop-down list contains all domains and sub-domains known to be associated with your web hosting control panel login and can be filtered to help narrow selection. Enter an optional directory. The directory will be added to the selected domain to determine location of the application. Leave this field empty if the application exists in the "root" (or home directory, or top-level directory) of the domain. Installatron has all the information it needs to perform the import. Press the "Import" button to import the existing installed application into the Installatron system. Imports are completed instantly, with an entry for the application appearing on the "My Applications" tab. Then you can set it to automatically update!

If your site is full of custom code that is impacted by automatic updates it may be time to start fresh. In this day and age and in order to comply with the OIT Web Hosting Policy your site should autoupdate. For more information, see