Everything you need to know about LastPass

This FAQ was last modified on: Wednesday, June 14, 2017 10:51am

1.  What is LastPass?

 LastPass is a secure software that allows users to keep important notes and passwords in one, unified, and safe location.


2.  How do I obtain a LastPass account?

Georgia Tech Faculty and Staff: please contact the Technology Support Center via phone (404-894-7173) or email (support@oit.gatech.edu). 

Georgia Tech students: please go directly to the LastPass website where you can obtain a free, personal LastPass account:  https://lastpass.com/download

3.  Why is Georgia Tech offering LastPass?

Georgia Tech is offering LastPass to Faculty and Staff to assist in managing the ever growing challenge of creating and managing passwords.  As requirements for passwords become more complex, there is a greater possibility of relying on poor password management habits such as writing down passwords which could lead to a compromised account.  In addition, more applications and websites require passwords, making the management of all those passwords very difficult. 

LastPass provides a means to manage the creation of very strong passwords and the ability to store those passwords in a single location which is encrypted and availble to the user in any location.

4.  What kind of passwords should I keep in LastPass?

Your Georgia Tech LastPass account is intended to assist with the use of Georgia Tech passwords and for Georgia Tech business. 

The recommended approach, for use of LastPass with your personal passwords, is to link a personal LastPass account (available for free from LastPass) with your Georgia Tech Enterprise LastPass account.  This will allow you to see both accounts from a single login, while keeping your personal and professional passwords segregated. 

Note:  If you choose to use LastPass to manage personal passwords or personal information, you may do so at your own risk.

5.  How do I get started with LastPass?

Refer to LastPass's main site (http://helpdesk.lastpass.com/getting-started/) to determine if you would like to use LastPass.

6.  How do I download and install LastPass?


7.  How do I add an account and password to LastPass?


8.  How do I generate a new password with LastPass?


9.  How do I generate a secure note?


10.  How do I share passwords and notes with othe LastPass users?


11.  What happens if I forget my LastPass master password?


12.  What happens to my LastPass account when I leave Georgia Tech?

As a Faculty/Staff LastPass user at Georgia Tech your LastPass account is an enterprise account.  When you leave Georgia Tech your LastPass account will be disassociated from the Georgia Tech LastPass license.  Your account will be converted to a free (non-enterprise) LastPass account.  You will at that point be personally responsible for any licensing fees associated with premium LastPass services.

13.  I am a Georgia Tech employee (faculty/staff) and I would like to have an Enterprise Account, what should I do?

If you are a Georgia Tech employee, we currently have a limited number of Enterprise licenses available for use during the LastPass pilot.  These accounts are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  To obtain one of these accounts, please contact the TSC directly.  The TSC will then provision an enterprise account for you.

14.  What actions should be taken if a user leaves Georgia Tech and had access to a shared password for a Georgia Tech system?

The system owner should be aware of users leaving Georgia Tech with access to a shared password for a Georgia Tech system.  The system owner should then remove that user from shared access to the password.  If the password was being shared via a shared secure note, the System Owner should remove that user from shared access to the secure note and change the password of the system.

15.  Do I get a discount on a personal premium account because Georgia Tech has Enterprise LastPass licenses?

Georgia Tech is not able to offer a discount on a personal premium LastPass account.  Users are able to obtain a personal free account and link their free account with their Georgia Tech Enterprise LastPass account.  Here are a couple of links to LastPass support pages that give more information about linking to your personal account: 



16.  Are there minimum password requirements for my Georgia Tech LastPass master password?

Your Georgia Tech LastPass master password must meet the following requirements:

  • The password must be at least 15 characters long
  • The password must contain three out of the following four character classes: upper case alpha characters, lower case alpha characters, numbers, special characters
  • The password cannot be one of the last three master passwords used
  • The password must be change every 365 days

17.  Should I use the password generator tool to generate a password for my GT account?

The short answer is no...

Since you may be required to manually enter your GT account password in certain cases, such as when you are logging into your computer, using the password generator to create a very strong and complicated password is not a good idea.  The best thing you can do is to create a strong password for your GT account that is based on a phrase which you will remember.