VLab - Who do I contact for support?

This FAQ was last modified on: Thursday, September 10, 2020 03:49pm

For support with VLAB please send an email to support@oit.gatech.edu, or call the TSC at 404.385.5555. The TSC can provide basic assistance and coordinate with each School to resolve your issues.

Contact Listing for Vlabs
VLab Pool Support Email Unit Name
AE-* support@ae.gatech.edu Aerospace Engineering
BIO-* support@arcs.gatech.edu School of Biology
BME-* help@bme.gatech.edu BioMedical Engineering
CEE-* helpdesk@ce.gatech.edu School of Civil & Environmental Engineering
CHBE-* support@chbe.gatech.edu Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
COB-* helpdesk@scheller.gatech.edu College of Business
COC-* help@cc.gatech.edu College of Computing
COD-* support@design.gatech.edu College of Design
COE-* vlab-support@coe.gatech.edu College of Engineering
COS-* support@arcs.gatech.edu College of Sciences
ECE-* help@ece.gatech.edu School of Electrical & Computer Engineering
EDM sysadmin@edm.gatech.edu Enterprise Data Management


EIS Applications
ENRSRV support@enrollment.gatech.edu Enrollment Services
GTPE-* support@pe.gatech.edu Professional Education
IAC-* helpdesk@iac.gatech.edu Ivan Allen College


Institute Planning and Resource Management
ISYE-* helpdesk@isye.gatech.edu School of Industrial & Systems Engineering
Library-* clustersupport@oit.gatech.edu Library / OIT
MATH support@arcs.gatech.edu College of Science - Math
ME-* support@me.gatech.edu Mechanical Engineering
NRE-* support@me.gatech.edu Nuclear and Radiological Engineering
PMASE-* pmase.support@gatech.edu College of Engineering
PSYCH-* support@psych.gatech.edu School of Psychology
TSS/TSC support@oit.gatech.edu Technology Support