What are the different types of mailboxes?

This FAQ was last modified on: Wednesday, August 23, 2017 10:01am

There are 4 types of mailboxes:

  • User Mailbox
  • Shared Mailbox
  • Resource Mailbox
  • Service Account Mailbox

User Mailbox

This is the standard, default mailbox that is provisioned for students, faculty, staff, and affiliates. Georgia Tech has a one-mailbox per person policy for user mailboxes. This is the mailbox you would use on a day-to-day basis that is accessed with your GT Account that receives mail addressed to you. 

Shared Mailbox

A Shared Mailbox does not have a unique GT Account and password, but can used by multiple people. It also has a unique email address.  Shared Mailboxes can be used by departments that need generic email addresses like yourdepartment@gatech.edu, but that need to grant multiple people access to the mailbox.  Mail sent to a Shared Mailbox is completely separate from the mail in a person's User Mailbox.  Users with access to a Shared Mailbox can view all mail in the mailbox and can send from the Shared Mailbox's email address. 

Resource Mailbox

Resource Mailboxes are sometimes called Equipment or Room mailboxes. These mailboxes are used for reserving and coordinating Rooms and Equipment. For example, conferenceroom@department.gatech.edu or golfcart@department.gatech.edu. By including a Resource in a meeting request or calendar item, you are reserving the Resource for that time period. When you create your calendar event you can look at the Resource to check its availability.

Service Account Mailbox

Similar to a User Mailbox, this mailbox has unique GT Account, password, and email address. These mailboxes should typically be limited to situations where an application needs to access a mailbox for the purpose of processing/consuming email. For example, to receive mail for an application that processes mail or files that are received via email. Service account mailboxes are not for employees to use as personal accounts and should not be used in situations where multiple users needs to access a mailbox.  In situations where multiple users need access to a mailbox, please use a Shared Mailbox.