What should I know about Back Ups and Restores?

This FAQ was last modified on: Friday, June 9, 2017 11:52am
  1. From hosting.gatech.edu click your web site link
  2. From the Websites & Domains tab in your Plesk panel click the Backup Manager link
    1. Backups
      1. Manual backup
        1. You may do this at any time but it is often done when the site is being removed from the service
          1. Click the Back Up button
            1. Ensure User files and databases is selected
            2. If the site is not being removed from the service you may choose to do an Incremental type back up option
            3. If the site is being removed from the service you should select the Full type back up option
            4. Click the OK button
            5. You will be returned to the Backup Manager screen
          2. Once the backup is compete you may download it locally with the green down arrow on the left of the screen.
            1. This is a *.xml.tar file that contains all of the content and database(es) from your site
              1. You can restore it to the same site but once the site is removed from the service you would only be able to use this data to manually create a new site
      2. Schedule Automatic backups
        1. Click the Backup Manager link
          1. Click the Schedule button
            1. Schedule section
              1. On the Scheduled Backup Settings screen
                1. Check the Activate this backup task check box
                2. Select the Backup period
                  1. Select this based on the change rate for the site
                  2. pick the backup frequency and time from the Run this backup task drop downs
                  3. Leave the Use incremental  backup check box checked
                  4. Select the frequency for Perform full backup
                  5. Enter a number for Keep backup files for
                    1. ​You may want to reduce the default to something like 4
            2. Backup settings section
              1. Under Back up select teh User files and Databases check box
              2. Enter an email if you want an email from the system when the backup runs
              3. You may choose to suspend the domain during the backup. This will take the site off line during the back up but ensures a good database backup.
          2. Click the OK button to schedule your backups
    2. Restores
      1. On the server Repository tab available backups will be displayed
        1. To restore click the Name link for the backup you wish to restore
        2. While you can restore selected objects you most often want to select the Backup content>All objects (entire system) option
          1. Leave all check boxes checked
          2. Leave the Restoration options>Suspend domains until the restoration is completed check box unchecked
          3. If your site is large and you do not want to wait until the restore is completed you can have the server notify you when it is done by entering your email in the send a notification email to text box
          4. Click the Restore button
          5. You will be returned to the server Repository tab while the restore is processed
        3. You may download and your backups to local storage by clicking the green arrow to the right of the backup
          1. Backups may be stored locally and uploaded through the More Actions>Upload Files to Server Repository option