What should I know about GT Accounts created after October 3, 2005?

This FAQ was last modified on: Tuesday, January 16, 2018 09:39pm

Will existing student or employee GT accounts be changing?

  • No! The current username naming scheme will only be used for GT accounts created starting October 3, 2005. That scheme uses the GT account owners first initial, last name, and then a number or numbers to make the GT account username unique in our system.  Though we may someday provide a mechanism for users to choose their own GT account username, we have no plans to ever force anyone to change.

Why do existing students have to keep their "gtxxxxx" type GT account username?

  • Some system applications that store account usernames locally cannot accommodate a change to an existing GT account username. The data may become disjointed or detached from the owner's record. Retroactive changes will not be possible until third party upgrades are released that provide this functionality.

I am a student with a GT account username like "gte999z" and will soon be hired as an employee. Will I receive a new GT account?

  • Yes! As an Institute employee you must have a GT account username of the new type so that you can access the employee server called Techworks. Student GT accounts of the format "gtxxxxx" only have a student role associated with them in the system. So you will be issued a new-style GT account username of the format "gburdell3" -  first initial, last name, & a number or numbers.

I am an employee with a GT account username like "zz99" and will soon be enrolling as a student. Will I receive a new account?

  • No! The employee GT account you already know will, from now on, serve as your single GT Account with both an employee and student role associated with it. It will simply gain more access (student access) and disk space when you become a student.

How will I e-mail someone with a new-style GT account username?

  • If they use MyGaTech email, simply append "@gatech.edu" to their GT account username for their email address.  Generally, these are the default GT email addresses for students.  However, to be sure of someone's GT email address, you should look them up in the online GT Directory at this link: https://www.directory.gatech.edu/

When will the new accounts go away?

  • In general your single GT Account will belong to you your entire life, gaining and losing access to different services as you move from student to alumni, and/or from employee to former employee.  As an alumni or former employee you keep your GT alias and where it delivers, accessing the control of this through the PassPort server, but you do NOT get to keep your MyGaTech email service

Since employee and student GT accounts will no longer look different, how can I tell whether a GT account is owned by a student, an employee, or someone who is both?

  • For users with Mage access, simply search on the desired usname, and look at the person's affiliation with GT under the "Roles & Accounts" tab.
  • You can also use the BuzzPort Campus Directory.  Login to BuzzPort and access its Campus Directory under the Quick Links tab.  Here you can search by name, GT account username, or even phone numbers. 

Will employed students in the future, who have only one account, look different in the campus whitepages LDAP (and thus in "lu") than traditional employed students, who have separate student and employee LDAP records?

  • No, a person who is both a student and an employee will always have two entries in the campus whitepages LDAP or online GT Directory – one entry giving their employee contact information, and the other their student information. The only difference will be that, for future people who have a single account, the "uid" field will be the same in both of their LDAP entries.