Where are the printers on campus?

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 Pharos Printer Locations

Pharos Printer Locations
Name Location
Black_All_Campus All B/W Release Stations
Finish first floor Library and second floor Student Center
Central-PS Dropoff - Second Floor computer cluster
Color Library Library first floor LWC & LEC
Color MMS Library Ground Floor
Color SC Student Center second floor computer cluster
Color BME BME Basement lab #0207
Color CE CE, SEB Lobby first floor
Color COA COA Industrial Design Lab #104, room #105, third floor #309, & Hinman first floor
Color COB COB Building Undergrad lab first floor & third floor #301
Color K1446 Klaus first floor #1446
Color K1448 Klaus first floor #1448
Color VL448 Van Leer fourth floor #448
Color ME MRDC #3330

Student Contributed Google Map of Locations