Where can I find a printer on campus?

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 Pharos Printer Locations


Building Name

College of Computing

1st Floor and 2nd Floor

College of Design

1st Floor, 2nd Floor and Room


1st Floor, 2nd Floor, 3rd Floor and 6th Floor

Digital Fabrication Building

Room 211

Earth & Atmospheric Sciences

Room 1250

Fitten Residence Hall

Front Lobby

Graduate Living Center

Game Room

GT Connector

Main Floor Lobby

Hinman Building

2nd Floor and 3rd Floor

Howell Housing

Wreck Tech


1st Floor, 3rd Floor and Room 445

Klaus Building

Room 1446 and Room 2440

Language Institute/O’Keefe

Room 118 and Room 218

Love Building

Room 158 and 3rd Floor

Mason Building

Student Commons

Mech Engineering/Bogs

3rd Floor, Room 301 and Room 318


2nd Floor and Room 3336

North Avenue Housing


Price Gilbert Library

3rd Floor


1st Floor, 2nd Floor and 3rd Floor

SEB Building

3rd Floor and Room 317N

Van Leer

2nd Floor, Room 257, Room 348, Room 353, Room 363, Room 383 and Room 448

West Village

1st Floor and 3rd Floor

Whittaker Building

1st Floor, 2nd Floor and 4th Floor

Map of printer locations on campus.Student Contributed Google Map of Locations