Which ports are blocked at the inbound border?

This FAQ was last modified on: Tuesday, August 13, 2019 02:19pm

The following is a list of ports that are blocked at the campus inbound firewall.

If there is a need to access one of the services listed below from off campus, you can first try connecting to the campus VPN.

Click here for a FAQ on installing the VPN client.



Category                                              Ports                                                   Service                                                                                           
List of ports blocked at campus firewall
Databases 1433-1434/tcp+udp Microsoft SQL
  1521/tcp+udp, 1526/tcp Oracle database default listener
  3306/tcp MySQL database system
  5432/tcp PostgreSQL database system
  11211/udp Memcached udp protocol (used for amplification attacks)
Remote Administration 111/tcp+udp, 135/tcp+udp RPC
  161/udp SNMP
  407/tcp Timbuktu
  901-904/tcp+udp VMware Remote Console 
  3389/tcp, 3489/tcp Windows Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)
  3283/tcp+udp   Apple Remote Desktop   
  4899/tcp Radmin
  5800/tcp, 5900-5901/tcp             Virtual Network Computing (VNC)
  5631/tcp, 5632/udp Symantec pcAnywhere


860/tcp, 3260/tcp iSCSI (NAS)
File Sharing 548/tcp, 3283/tcp+udp Apple Filing Protocol (AFP)
  137-139/tcp+udp NetBIOS NetBIOS Name Service
  445/tcp+udp Active Directory
  2049/tcp+udp NFS
Printing 515/tcp LPD
  631/tcp+udp Common Unix Printing System (CUPS)
  631/tcp+udp Internet Printing Protocol (IPP)
  9100/tcp HP JetDirect printing (PDL)
Proxy Services 3128/tcp Squid proxy server
Backup Services 7937-9936/tcp+udp

Sun EBS / EMC NetWorker

Malware 13620/udp, 16464-16465/udp, 16470-16471/udp, 21315/udp, 21810/udp, 22292/udp, 34354-34355/udp ZeroAccess Botnet
  2745/tcp Mass Mailing Worm
  6667/tcp IRC
  31337/tcp+udp Back Orifice
Miscellaneous 42/tcp+udp WINS
  1900/udp UPnP
  5353/udp Muliticast DNS
Amplifiers 19/udp chargen