How can I access my GT Office 365 Mailbox?

This FAQ was last modified on: Wednesday, July 10, 2019 06:30am

* For Incoming Students, who recently received a Georgia Tech email address, you cannot access your email mailbox at unless you already have access to an Office 365 mailbox. 


Your Georgia Tech email address is currently "Delivering" to your personal email address. To change where your Georgia Tech email address is being delivered, you can log into Passport at and change your email destination under Email Preferences to an "External" email destination. *The destination address must be a valid email address\account in order to receive mail. Invalid addresses can lead to your email account being disabled.

  1. Once your Office 365 mailbox is provisioned (< 24 hours), you can log into and enter your default Georgia Tech email address and most recent password to access your Office 365 email. For Example:
  2. Office 365 Login Screen
  3. GT Login Screen
  4. 2FA Screen
  5. O365 Stay Signed In Click Yes, "Don't show this again (Optional)
  6. Office 365 Inbox *Inbox display will depend on the version you're using.