How do I configure a web proxy to test my WebHosting site without switching DNS first?

This FAQ was last modified on: Tuesday, January 16, 2018 10:01pm

 To test your new webhosting content with out having to switch DNS first, we have provided a web proxy that will allow you to preview what your site will look like, before actually switching in DNS.

 This tutorial covers setting up the proxy under Firefox version 3.6. Older versions of Firefox and other browsers have a very similar proxy configuration, but the screens may be located in different places.  Mac versions of Firefox 3.6 and prior also have a slightly different location for these configuration options.


Please note that this proxy will only allow you to view sites hosted on webhosting so you will have to disable it, switch back to "No Proxy", to browse other sites as you normally do.

Once have configured this proxy, you can turn it off or on, by swtiching bewteen "No Proxy" and "Manual Proxy Configuration" located on the last screen shot on step 3).


1)  Select Tools->Options

 FireFox Options


2) Now select Advanced->Network->Settings

Advanced Settings


3) In the "Connection Settings" screen, click "Manual proxy configuration" and enter under the "HTTP Proxy" and 8080 under "Port" sections.   Make sure SOCKSv5 is checked.

Confirm SOCKSv5 is checked



As mentioned above, you can not use the proxy to browse to external sites.  If you do, you should get the following screen, which will indicate that proxy is still configured.

Proxy Configuration Check