Why do email aliases show a destination of deprovisioned@mail.gatech.edu?

This FAQ was last modified on: Thursday, February 16, 2017 08:35am

When a person leaves Georgia Tech and becomes a former student or employee, their Office 365 Exchange Online mailbox expires after 30 days.  During that period, they can set up their Email Forwarding for Life (EMFL) and their email aliases will forward to an off-campus email address. 

If the customer does not configure EMFL during this 30-day expiration period, their email aliases will still attempt to delivery to a mailbox that no longer exists.  This can lead to confusion because the customer still appears to have an Office 365 mailbox in Passport and IT management tools (like MAGE or BuzzAPI) even though the mailbox no longer exists.  

To prevent this from happening, the OIT Messaging team runs a weekly process that searches for the accounts that are configured to have an Office 365 Exchange Online mailbox, but that are no longer eligible for that service because they are no longer affiliated with the Institute.  This process sets the person’s email alias targets to deprovisioned@mail.gatech.edu.  This allows campus IT staff to easily identify deprovisioned users, but still allows the customer to go to Passport and configure their EMFL.  


Example of a deprovisioned user in MAGE
Example of a Deprovisioned User in MAGE