Why is Central PS limited to 1200 pages?

This FAQ was last modified on: Tuesday, November 29, 2016 04:09pm

The 1200 page limit was established based on statistics over the last 2 years.  4.86% of the student body generated 65% of the volume at central-ps.  It's this same 5% that will be limited on their printing. In order to better serve a majority of students, the limit was imposed along with expanding the current free allocation ($2.20) to all locations on campus where roughly 70 percent of the student body will benefit.

The quota applies to printed pages, not paper used. 

When printing to Central PS, I submitted the same job multiple times, can you cancel it so I don't lose pages?

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 Central printing is limited to 1200 pages per semester. Learn more...

Unfortunately we are not able to catch every job in time before it is printed. Please exercise care when sending jobs for printing since we cannot credit back a quota. The quota is reset at the end of each semester. 



What are my options if I am over my Central PS quota?

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 Central PS has a 1200 page printing limit. Learn more about this...

Unfortunately, the hard limit is 1200 pages. You can use a Pharos Release Station anywhere on campus to print black for $0.04 per page or color for $0.19 per page. Every student receives $2.20 print allocation each week at 00:00 (midnight) Friday morning. 


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