How do I connect to the OIT IPSEC VPN on my iPhone?

This FAQ was last modified on: Wednesday, November 30, 2016 07:14am

The OIT IPSEC VPN is NOT officially supported on iOS devices. However, users have reported success following the steps outlined below.

Also, here ia a link to some GENERIC info on Apple's website about VPN configuration. Please refer back to this FAQ for the specific information that you will need.

The OIT IPSEC VPN client is built into iOS. To set it up, navigate to Settings>General>VPN. Choose "Add VPN Configuration...". On the Add Configuration screen select the IPSec tab and enter the following required information:

Description: Georgia Tech
Account: (Your GT account)
Password: (Leave blank to ask every time)
Group Name: gatech
Secret: vpn4tech

iPhone VPN screen

Then tap the Save button. The VPN can be activated from the


screen. Move the VPN slider from Off to On.

iPhone VPN Settings

Enter your password, and tap OK.

Password Entry Screen

You should receive a VPN connection message.

VPN Connected

Tap OK and you're logged into the VPN. A little VPN icon will be visible in the status bar in the upper left hand corner.

VPN Status Bar

To disconnect from the VPN move the VPN slider in Settings to Off.