Using TurningPoint 8 Software

This FAQ was last modified on: Tuesday, August 14, 2018 01:46pm
  1. Do I need to create an account in order to use TurningPoint 8? 
    You will need to use your Georgia Tech email to sign in when you first start TurningPoint 8 software. After you enter your email, you will be directed to the Georgia Tech login service page to log in with your credentials.
    If you have never created a Turning account before, you may get an email from Turning Technologies and you need to click on a link in the email to authorize your account. If you have created an account before, this step will be skipped.
  2. My students have asked which channel and session ID is used for my class. Where can I find that information?
    Channel number: When you first open the TurningPoint 8 software (make sure you are under the Polling tab), you will find the channel number displayed under Receiver — if a receiver is already plugged in to the computer you use. Clicking the number will allow you to change the channel number.
    Session ID: If students in your class use TurningPoint app, you need to enable mobile responses by click the Enable link under Mobile Responses (make sure you are under the Polling tab). You can use a session ID randomly generated or reserve a session ID to be used through the entire semester. 
  3. Can I show the channel number/session ID on my question slides?
    Yes, clicking on the connection icon on the polling bar will display/hide the channel number and session ID on your slides (see a screen capture).
  4. I forgot to load my course roster when conducting a clicker session. Can I still identify the data I collected?
    When you poll questions without using a course roster, the session data will be listed under Manage >> Auto. If you already added a course, drag the session data, and drop it under the course. If your students have registered, the responses in the session data will be identified. If you haven't added a course to TurningPoint, you need to do that first. Please refer to the above section on adding courses to TurningPoint..
  5. I accidentally polled questions anonymously. Can the data still be identified by using a course roster?
    Unfortunately, no. Data collected through polling anonymously can't be identified.
  6. I use the podium computer. Where in the computer is the data saved?
    The default directory for the clicker session data is your prism drive (TurningPoint >> Session Data), which allows you to access the data from any computer in which the prism drive is mounted. Instructions on mounting your prism drive can be found here. 
  7. How do I save a copy of the session data to my flash drive?
    Click on the Disk icon on your TurningPoint toolbar, and select Save as New Session. At the end of the session, when you close the TurningPoint  software, you'll be asked if you want to save the session data. Select Yes and save the data to your computer or a portable drive.
  8. I have TAs that will assist me in using TurningPoint for class polling and grading. What do they need to know?
    Your TAs need to select instructor role when they first create their Turning Technologies account. If they had a student account with Turning Technologies before, they would need to submit a request to and we will switch their role.